Dealdash Reviews

Dealdash Auctions ( are an extremely popular penny auction site using both the penny bidding model as well as the buy it now feature. What you are left with is what many would call one of the safest penny auction websites, Deal Dash. If you have tried it yourself and want to leave a review, please do so in the comments section.

How Does Deal Dash Work?

So how does Dealdash work anyways? Each auction starts at $0.00 and is raised by 1 penny each time somebody places a bid. You need to buy your bids ahead of time in the form of a bidpack, which costs different amounts of money depending on which one you buy.

Types of Auctions

Now on to the important stuff, the actual daily auctions. So what is up for grabs on a daily basis at Deal Dash? They have a number of different categories to wet your tastes no matter how picky you may be. You will see tons of electronics and gift cards plus everything else under the sun. They have truly grown to include a wider demographic of potential bidders, young and old.

Customer Service

Dealdash’s customer service is available by e-mail support as far as we know.

Is Dealdash Legit?

Many people ask the question is Dealdash legit or is it a scam.. the answer is that it is very legit. They are one of the few penny auction sites that allow the buy it now feature, essentially making for risk free bidding. That is, if you stay within products that you can afford anyways, which many people don’t. To each their own though, which is what makes penny auctions so fun and rewarding.

If you have your own Deal Dash reviews then please add them in the section below. You can also check off a 1 to 5 star rating in your review. ┬áIf this particular auction site didn’t satisfy your appetite, then go back to our penny auctions reviews to see what other legit companies are delivering the goods.

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3 thoughts on “Dealdash Reviews”

  1. Sorry but the customer service information is utterly false! I have been writing them DAILY for two weeks about merchandise that was due November 15, 2011. They do not acknowledge my emails or post through their customer service website. I have also tried to contact them through their Facebook page. I had a moderator in the beginning say they would help. After a few days of my asking for help on Facebook they banned me from making comments. I am not a viscous person but the items I won I had hoped to use as a Christmas gift for my Grand-daughter and a thank you gift for friends. Well the items are still not here and I do not get any help from DealDash. If they read this page they can easily see how often I have wrote to them through their site. I know it is there. I have mostly asked just for them to respond! They do not.

  2. You can’t contact them by phone. I can’t find a number anywhere and I have not recieved the items I won a month ago.

  3. Hi guys. Thanks so much for coming by our site and posting a comment. I noticed they made a post about getting back on track on their website: . Do you guys have an update? They have always been known has having good customer service. It looks like Dealdash might have gotten overwhelmed with orders at Xmas and are now back to normal shipping times.

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