Beezid Bonus Codes

Welcome to the page for Beezid bonus codes, where we are going to keep you 100% updated on the latest 2012 Beezid bonus codes, coupons and promo codes. There are indeed quite a few promotions that you will see going on at this penny auction site, they like to run new offers every once in a while to attract an influx of new members.

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Free Bids

The typical Beezid bonus code for free bids will get you 10 free bids, which you can use as soon as you click your e-mail and confirm your address. By clicking the link on this page, however, and entering a new code called 25FREEBIDS, you will actually get 25 bonus bids as well. This is something that you will find handy when things come down to the wire. Now, depending on how many bids you are buying and what kind of auction you are going for, that might not sound like a lot. However, if you are like the main demographic of the site going for anything from gift cards to $100 – $200 items, trying to get them for a few bucks, you will be extremely happy to have the extra 25 or 10 bids. It could mean the difference between squeezing your competitors last bid out to win the auction, or having them win with their last couple bids. You would be surprised how often this scenario plays out on Beezid.

What about the one from TV or Howard Sterm?

Looking for the Beezid promo code from TV, or from Howard Stern? The likely one that you are referring to is the “10FREEBIDS” one, where you will actually get 10 bids with no purchase necessary. The rule is that you can only use them on the cherry auctions, which are ones that only beginners who haven’t won yet can participate in. Without a doubt, these cherry bids are where you will get your best deal on the site, because most people just waste their bids. You will be patient, and use your bids wisely, and win a $100 – $1000 item for next to free.

Check out the live auctions below, you can see the “cherry” next to the auctions that you can win with your free 10 bids.

Beezid Promo Codes From TV

Looking for Beezid promo codes that you saw on TV? This section will be right here:

SPIKE – This is one of the free bids codes that you see on the Beezid television commercials all the time.

It is no joke, you can get some seriously great things for your 10 bids. Many people win their first cherry auction with as little as 1 bid, if you can believe it. You can also get 25 free bids by putting the code 25FREEBIDS on, but you will have to make a small bid pack purchase as well. That is how to pretty much guarantee you will win a cherry auction, including the bigger ones. Sometimes they even have TV’s up for grabs. We also have a full review of Beezid on our site if you would like more information first.

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