Welcome to Legit Penny Auctions.com! Here are some of our top pages that you can browse to right away. You will find that our site is quite deep and you probably won’t be able to get it all read in one sitting. Online bidding sites, otherwise known as “penny auctions” have become somewhat of a big fad (or trend?) over the past several years. Another term for the phenomenon is entertainment shopping.

There have been more and more penny auction websites launched and it has become increasingly difficult to decide which one is best for you. That is where this website comes in. Browse our many categories below to take you to another part of the site.

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You might have been one of those consumers who wondered if penny auctions were real or fake, or how the business model works. We have articles on our site that answer all of those questions, because you are not alone in your thoughts. Before trying out any new penny auction make sure you read the discussion on that particular brand on our website first. At least that way you will know if you are dealing with a legitimate bidding site or not.

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